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Putting Safety First

We know that a lot of our clients practice great safety routines for their clients. Ruck-Shockey Associates, Inc. (RSA) as a hospitality service consulting firm wanted to provide some tools for those looking to enhance your current (or previous) standards in this COVID-19 era. We gathered information from our teams that are on the front lines today working in the most progressive healthcare locations along with our teams of hospitality, culinary, facility and design teams to create a document. RSA is dedicated to providing the linking insights into what is available in new systems, strategic plans, new technology and implementation of future improvements in your operation.

How can you make your operation safe for staff and customers?

Use the attached power point with embedded checklists to solidify your operational game plan. We designed it as a PowerPoint so that you could share with your staff, get their input to your operations and can be a good discussion tool as well. We hope that you find this tool helpful and your staff and customers feel best about visiting your location.

Take your operation and safety to the next level!

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