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Posted on August 18th, 2019

Do Leaders Get a Day Off?

Posted on August 1st, 2019


Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach, a hike in the mountains, or traveling to a new city? So how do leaders build up their benefit time to plan for their time off? Seems simple, doesn’t it. Most companies offer vacation benefits, but I’m referring to leadership benefit time – that granted by employees to you, the leader, for your use. Leadership benefit time is virtual currency—reflecting your commitment to people, the team, and the organization.


When you have a positive leadership benefit time balance, employees:
• give you the benefit of the doubt when your actions would normally cause a withdrawal from your account
• recognize and reward your efforts by handling a sticky issue on their own
• be willing to hear you out on a controversial topic
• lastly, the freedom to take real vacation days because they sense your confidence in them.


They know you trust your team, their skills, abilities, and decisions.


A leader casts a shadow at all times—your behaviors and actions define you. What does your shadow say about you? Does your shadow form when light is shined on people creating a warm shadow or do you block light from reaching people and create a dark side shadow that is cold? Trust is the difference in a warm versus a cold shadow.


Trust is a foundational skill for leaders – employees trust that you have their best interest in mind, they trust that you are making the right decisions, they trust that you will handle them with care and concern, they trust that you are fair and inclusive and the list could go on. When trust exists, they support you as the leader and make deposits in your account.


Building trust using the 5 C’s –character, competence, courage, consistency, and connection is key. Each day people evaluate your leadership performance, rate your commitment, and make funding decisions. Withdrawals for poor leadership behaviors frequently have penalties attached — some actions carry a heftier price tag for recovery.


Review the deposit and withdrawal ledger to check your recent leadership credits and debits to your account.

Leadership benefit time is your day off – creating an easier path for you as a leader to achieve outcomes. But it does require paying close attention to your balance. You can increase your balance by actively taking steps each day to build better relationships, take ownership of your behaviors, and find ways to give back to those you serve.


Ask yourself these questions:
• Did I do my best today to make deposits in my leadership benefit time account?
• What did I do well?
• Why were withdrawals taken? What do I need to do differently?


Action and Reflection:

Commit time this week to:
• publicly acknowledge someone’s efforts and the difference it made
• *visit an employee or work area this week to touch base
• resolve an employee issue that needs your support


*Note the word visit which means to “go and see someone to spend time with.” Unfortunately, in today’s busy workplaces, this doesn’t happen often enough.



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