FNCE 2017

Posted on September 29th, 2017

Industry leaders, Georgie Shockey and Sharon Cox, MA, RDN, LDN are presenting Monday October 23 at FNCE 2017 in Chicago, IL. They will share their experience in managing complex transitions with insightful guidelines, new tools and ideas to make a transition successful….

“Change is inevitable; progress is optional”. The four-step Transition Learning Model (TLM) plan, provides leaders with a guide to navigating the chaos associated with change.  While change is external, the transition plan is internal and unique to you.  As a leader, effective strategy formulation skills are essential-and necessary amid change. The ability to translate business strategies from plan to action can set true leaders apart from their peers.  The session will bring the plan to life and show the audience the value of careful planning, assessing the risk of transitions and case studies where the plan has taken organizations to the next level.

The four stages of the transition touches on three elements:  Talent, Process and Systems.  Learn how to integrate these steps and elements into your next transition.


Sharon and Georgie will also take you through what is impacted by each type of change…. And how to mitigate the risk as you are managing the transition.

Preview the session here:   http://eatrightfnce.org/program/educational-sessions/ and download our presentation preview here: FNCE 2017 Presentation